Long before France - or Gaul at the time - ever existed, around the 7th century B.C., the Phoceans, a Greek tribe from the city of Phocaea, established a flourishing Mediterranean seaport called Massalia (known today as Marseilles).

This Greek colony of Massilia then came under Roman authority. And under these Roman rules, the name, under which it has been known since then, was born. In the 2nd century A.C., this Roman province became so wealthy and affluent (and sufficiently close to Rome), that it became known in the current language as "Provincia": "the province". Or, as we know it in modern French, "La Provence".

The magnificence of this region from these past times can still be witnessed today, and the area around the lower Rhone valley - not far from Le Domaine estate - possesses exceptionnal classical remains, including the amphitheatre at Orange, the Pont du Gard aqueduct, the arena at Arles or the remarkable Roman remains at Nimes.


Miraval's domain in Provence is peculiar. It has always been a place of artistic creation and creative collaboration.

Historically, it was a haven of inspiration for artists, with its legendary recording Miraval Studios which have been under renovation for two years. It is now reopening with great bands coming back to Miraval.

Also famous for the quality of its terroir, its land is organized into dry stone terraces, with each vineyard located at an average altitude of 350 meters, thus giving a perfect balance to its grapes, wrapped in unique daylight and caressed by the cool of night.

And so, with the incomparable savoir-faire of the Perrins (and Péters family for "Fleur de Miraval" champagne), united with Brad Pitt's artistic sensitivity, and this legendary terroir, the 3 families set to build iconic wines. Something for which they are now renowned worldwide!


Provence astonishing beauty has long held a special fascination from travellers from all over the world, even for many of the French themselves. In 2008, Brad Pitt fell in love with its unique beauty, and decided to settle in the region with his family, first restoring and investing in the sleeping beauty of Miraval, with help from his neighbors - none other than the Perrin Family itself.

But for a long time, Brad Pitt had tossed around the idea of creating a skin care line. When the Perrins told him about the research they had conducted with a professor on the antioxidant property of the grapes and leaves, it clicked. They rapidly moved on with the concept of developing a unique
sustainable skin care brand merging state-of-the-art
research with the best natural ingredients.

It is here, in one of France's jewel regions where the Rhône Valley swiftly fades into the hills of Provence, that Le Domaine Skincare was born.


The land of Miraval & Beaucastel where Le Domaine Skincare was born has only just reveiled its first secrets. There is still a lot of undiscovered terroir at Miraval, as only a fraction of the estate is being used to grow grapes or conduct research on the anti-aging properties of the vine growing there.

As Marc Perrin once said: “Miraval is its own valley, with exposures in all directions… There are few estates in the world that have their own valley."

Hopefully in the near future, more natural ingredients and Mediterranean plants will be sourced from these estates, with many that are potentially interesting for the cosmetics range. This land, right in the heart of Provence, has only just started revealing its potential for future generations.


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