Le Domaine Skincare was created as a marriage of Science and Nature. Its purpose? To slow down the signs of aging.

The products of Le Domaine are based on more than 10 years of research by Pr. Teissedre on active ingredients derived from the Perrin Family grapevines, and more than 20 years of research by Pr. Lévy on progeria, a rare premature aging disorder, whose mechanisms are also at work in natural aging. Our formulas, all vegan, contain a minimum of 96% naturally derived ingredients, and their efficacy on the extrinsic causes of aging (responsible for 80% of the aging process), is not just claimed but all scientifically proven.

An independent laboratory has tested all Le Domaine skin care products and the results are undeniable. In vitro testing showed all Le Domaine products have proven antioxidant properties, and in vivo testing proved their moisturizing efficacy.

In addition, a total of 162 volunteers tested our products under dermatological control with clinical scoring and instrumental measurements completed by auto-evaluation questionnaires. The results speak for themselves.
- With the Serum, the skin gains in luminosity (+41%)**,* it is plumped up (+42%)*, the result: 97% of testers feel that their skin is smoother*.
- With The Cream, the skin becomes more radiant (+45%)*, fine wrinkles are reduced (-16%)*, 94% of testers found their skin smoother and more comfortable*.

- With The Fluid Cream, the skin shows -11% of fine lines after 28 days of use and -15% after 56 days of use, showing that the effectiveness of the treatment increases with time.

- 97% of testers found their skin perfectly clear and fresh, while being respected and soothed by the Cleansing Emulsion*.

*after 28 days of use



due to extrinsic aging, due to external and internal stresses


intrinsic aging, biological and genetic


« Wine and skin care are exact sciences » : Pr. Pierre-Louis Teissedre's life is a true testament of this vision.

Graduating from the Pharmacy School in Montpellier in 1989, he earned his PhD from the University of Montpellier. He then served as Associate Professor at the University of California Davis in the Viticulture and Enology Department. Pr. Teissedre now specializes in the phenolic
compounds of grapes and grapevines. He has also authored more than 200 publications and papers in
peer-reviewed international journals and is co-inventor
on 13 patents.

Pr. Teissedre has worked with the Perrin family for more than 10 years, finding ways to upcycle the grape pomace recovered after making wine (and that contains unused constituents called phenolic compounds, including tannins and anthocyanins). For Le Domaine, he conducted the chemical analysis and characterization of the polyphenols from grape pomace, and was able to identify the best possible combination to create the maximum antioxidant effect.

"Oxidative stress is now recognized as the fundamental explanation for phenomena related to aging. Our goal is to control the toxic compounds from the natural oxidative stress by fighting the production of free radicals."

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GSM10® comes from studies conducted by Professor Teissedre with the laboratories of the faculty of Pharmacy of Montpellier and the research unit of the Bordeaux University. Made from a combination of marc from Grenache seeds, Syrah seeds and skins associated with a post-biotic micro-organism beneficial to the skin microbiome, this patented compound* has impressively effective levels of antioxidants and anti-MMPs (matrix metallo-proteinases, such as collagenase, which destroys collagen).

GSM10® is different from active ingredients already on the market because it is created solely from natural active ingredients specific to the Rhône Valley terroir and for its patented antioxidant formulation, which is unique to Le Domaine.

Its effectiveness is very strong, as it can delay oxidation at the cellular level. It provides protection against oxidation if the product is applied regularly, and over the long term, limits skin aging.

*patent pending N°EP22206512.0


Pr. Nicolas Lévy, M.D., is a clinician and professor of human and medical genetics who has spent more than 30
years working with patients with rare diseases. He is now Chief Scientist specializing in rare diseases at a leading pharmaceutical company. He is also the author of an acclaimed book in his field: "Les maladies rares et les espoirs de la médecine du futur", published by Editions Buchet-Chastel. For nearly 20 years, he has been researching progeria, an extremely rare genetic disorder that causes children’s bodies to age rapidly.

Through his research, Pr. Lévy has identified the mechanisms involved in progeria, which are also at work in natural skin aging - just at a far slower pace. He and Pr. Pierre Cau founded ProGeLife, a medical startup that develops treatments in the field of aging. This led them to look at some of these new molecules through the lens of skin care...

The result was a unique and exclusive patented active ingredient: ProGr3®.

"With ProGR3®, whose efficacy is not just claimed but scientifically proven, our aim is to offer benefits in the context of aging well."

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Based on the knowledge Pr. Levy & Pr. Cau acquired treating progeria, they identified natural molecules present in plant extracts that help reduce the toxicity of progerin. They developed a combination* of three molecules derived from plant extracts, Resveratrol (grapevine tendrils), Apigenin (chamomile), and Catechin (green tea). This combination from plant extracts targets Progerin, a mutated protein involved in the 12 known mechanisms responsible for cell senescence & aging.

To test the efficacy of Le Domaine products, we conducted scientific studies using the same
approach as in trials evaluating therapeutic drugs. The formulas for all Le Domaine products were assessed through rigorous testing methods that combined instrumental tests and in vivo clinical trials on a large group of volunteers, conducted under dermatological supervision, with a test versus placebo. The results were astonishing. All studies demonstrated that the formula corrected skin abnormalities caused by natural aging.

*Patents pending N°EP22315060.8 


The products from Le Domaine
are all created, developped and made in France. They are clean, green, and conscious with a very strict blacklist excluding ingredients that are subject to controversy
regarding the environment or the natural balance of your body:

- Preservatives such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, MIT, triclosan,
chlorphenesin, BHA & BHT
- Silicons
- Micro plastics
- Mineral & synthetic oils
- Animal or of animal origin ingredients
- Sulphated surfactants


At the core of Le Domaine Skincare is this novel, potent combination of exclusive active
ingredients GSM10® and ProGR3®, that reduce the effects of progerin, which causes skin aging.

The aging process affects us all. This incontrovertible fact is what makes Le Domaine universal. More than
just offering a line of anti-aging treatments, we want to help slow the process of skin aging. Our products are intentionally gender-neutral and designed for everyone, regardless of characteristics related to skin type or phenotype.

We believe that skin is an asset to be maintained, and Le Domaine wants to give, to everyone, the opportunity to age well.


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